One thought on “2022 Diamond Journalism Awards Ceremony

  1. 📚Society of Professional Journalist Arkansas Pro Chapter ,
    has a fan base growing across the USA. I have pursed a path of Investigative writing since 2013, following closely and reporting the Towery “Tyree” Maurice Burris-Hunt story ongoing in Washington Benton Celburne Counties AR, Los Angeles CA and Cleveland County NC involving a combined multi billion dollar Trust & Inheritance. Involving prominent Hunt family and famous tv radio personality Kemal Amin CASEY Kasem.
    Taking full advantage of the FOIA Public request. This is a story that should be inquired into by every College Journalist department and Society of Professional Journalist Arkansas Pro Chapter. I have found the links to public information this site to be very helpful in providing balanced & detailed stories with a standard of ethical & moral writing. However hard with the Burris-Hunt case! I look forward to the Diamond Journalism Awards Ceremony

    In appreciation Emile W/ Gebel 🖋️

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