Board Members / Contact

2019-2020 Chapter Officers
President: Sarah DeClerk, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Vice President: Wendy Miller, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Treasurer: Rob Mortiz, University of Central Arkansas
Secretary: Maggie McNeary, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Board Members
Jennifer Ellis, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Sonny Albarado, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
Sarah Campbell-Miller, Arkansas Business
Andrew DeMillo, Associated Press
Steve Listopad, Henderson State University
Brittany Reese, KATV Channel 7
Dwain Hebda, YaMule! Wordsmiths

Arkansas Pro Chapter SPJ
P.O. Box 2221
Little Rock, AR 72203

The Arkansas Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists hosts its annual board election each June at a membership mixer. Want to get involved? Consider running for a seat!

The Arkansas SPJ Board of Directors has 11 seats that are up for election each year, including executive officers: president, vice president, treasurer and secretary.

Check out the following duties and responsibilities of board members and consider running for the board or an officer position.

Duties and Responsibilities
To ensure the health of the Society of Professional Journalists Arkansas Pro Chapter, the members of the Board of Directors must be current on national dues and be accountable for the following duties and responsibilities:

The Board of Directors meets monthly, and sometimes calls special meetings via phone or email. Board members must attend a minimum of nine monthly meetings during their July-to-June term of office, but strive to make it to all meetings or phone in. Absence from three consecutive meetings, or four or more monthly meetings during their term, will result in the appointment of a new director to the position.

Board members must actively participate in at least one of the following chapter committees: Freedom of Information Act, Programing, Contests, Membership and Marketing, or other special committee designated by the president. Active participation may include planning at least one event in a year, advancement of the FOIA through lobbying, contributions to the chapter’s website, newsletter or social media campaigns, or other efforts determined by the board.

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