SPJ Google News Lab Training links and resources

I hope you found Friday’s Google News Lab training useful. As promised, here are some of the examples I talked about and links to additional resources. If you have any further questions as you’re exploring the tools further you can email newslabsupport@google.com, and I’d also recommend following @googlenewslab on Twitter for more examples of how publishers are using Google tools to tell stories.

Abigail Edge

Freelance journalist

Web: abigailedge.com

Twitter: @abigailedge


Advanced Search Techniques

Advanced Search ‘cheat sheet’

Online recap: Advanced Search

Reverse Image Search


Online recap: Reverse Image Search

Online recap: Using Reverse Image Search for verification

Google Scholar


Online recap: Google Scholar

Google Trends


Online recap: Google Trends

Gun Control Explained – The New York Times

See What People in Every State Are Giving Up for Lent – Time

How brunch became the most delicious—and divisive—meal in America – Washington Post

Follow @googletrends on Twitter

Public Data Explorer


Online recap: Public Data Explorer

Google Maps


Online recap: Google My Maps

Timeline JS – for creating ‘before’ and ‘after’ image sliders

Williamsburg, Brooklyn: 2007 vs. 2013 – WSJ

Italian Towns Before and After the Earthquake – The New York Times

How to use the Google brand in your content

Google Alerts

Online recap: Google Alerts



Find more online training at g.co/newslab

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