Arkansas SPJ Membership Meeting June 29

Members of the Arkansas Pro chapter of SPJ are invited to its annual membership meeting this week.  It’s a time for you to gather with SPJ leaders, eat and drink, and weigh in on activities supportive of journalism in the Natural State.

This year’s event is at Creegan’s Irish Pub in downtown North Little Rock, on Friday, June 29th at 5:30 p.m.  You’ll get the chance to talk with Sonny Albarado, the incoming national president. He’ll be able to tell you about SPJ’s new one member-one vote system that will result in the direct election of officers and members of the national board.

Among the items of discussion at the meeting: whether to collect and judge entries for Ark SPJ’s annual journalism contest through an online service, rather than via email or snail mail.

We’ll also be electing a new board for the Arkasas Pro chapter of SPJ. The nominees are:

President – Eric Francis, freelance
Vice-President – John Lyon, Stephens Media
Treasurer – Kelly Kissel, AP
Secretary – Sarah Morris, Stuttguart Daily Leader
Sonny Albarado
Sonny Rhodes
Andrew Demillo
Kelly MacNeil
Rob Moritz
John Thompson

Other nominations may also be taken on the floor, and we welcome open participation and discussion.

We hope to see you there!

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