Can’t We All Get Along?

Let’s foster better relations between the media and the spokesmen/women for the agencies we cover!

We all have those stories — “The PIO never got back to me!” or “That reporter misquoted me!”

Can’t we all get along?

Sometimes it seems like we can’t. Let’s get together and hear from both sides.

What works well and what doesn’t? What do you wish that spokesman would do to make your job as a reporter better? Spokesmen, what do you wish reporters would realize about what you do?

There will be a panel discussion, but most of the session will be an open discussion with everyone in attendance.

Journalists and PIOs are invited to this important discussion!

Panelists include:
* Bill Sadler, Arkansas State Police
* Jennifer Godwin, City of Little Rock
* Amy Webb, Department of Human Services
* Steven McClanahan, Little Rock Police Department
* Fredricka Sharkey, University of Central Arkansas
* Benjamin Hardy, Arkansas Times,
* Drew Petrimoulx, KARK
* Claudia Lauer, The Associated Press

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Can't We all Just Get Along

Cocktails, a contest and good conversation

The Society of Professional Journalists, Arkansas Pro Chapter will host a cocktail mixer this Thursday, Aug. 27, from 5:30 until whenever at 109 and Co., 109 Main St., Little Rock, Ark. Come meet your fellow Arkansas journalists and enjoy a few specialty cocktails!

See the flyer below for more info. A big thank you to board members Jennifer Ellis and Chelsea Boozer for planning this!


#SPJdesk Contest