2017 Diamond Journalism Awards Dinner

Winners will be named during the awards dinner at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, at the Flying Saucer. 323 President Clinton Ave., in Little Rock. Tickets are $10 per person, including heavy hors d’oeuvres and libations. Purchase in advance at


or at the door. Guest speaker to be announced.

Arkansas Pro Chapter wins SPJ Circle of Excellence Award


The Arkansas Pro Chapter has been named a Circle of Excellence Award winner for a small chapter with fewer than 75 members in the area of diversity, the Society of Professional Journalists announced Monday.

Circle of Excellence Awards recognize chapters that perform outstanding work in the areas of campus relations, professional development, diversity, chapter communications and First Amendment/Freedom of Information Act.

In September 2016, our chapter was a partner in presenting a #BlackLivesMatter in the Media panel featuring local and regional activists such as Rae Nelson, Ashley Yates and Shaun King. This panel created a dialogue on #BlackLivesMatter news coverage and steps to better approach reporting on the movement.

In March 2017, during Women’s History Month, the chapter held a Women in the Media panel exploring the experiences of female Arkansan journalists who have print, radio and broadcast backgrounds. Panelists included Gwen Mortiz, Raven Richard, Jill Bleed and Ibby Captuo.

The Arkansas Pro Chapter also worked in partnership with the Islamic Center of Little Rock to hold a Journalism & Islam: Halal Food for Thought discussion, which featured an honest exchange of questions, ideas and thoughts on how Muslims are portrayed in the media.

Candidates for Circle of Excellence Awards are chosen based on their annual reports. Check out our 2016-2017 report of what we’ve accomplished here.

Large Circle of Excellence Awards are given to chapters with more than 75 members, and Small Circle of Excellence Award winners have fewer than 75 members. The Arkansas Pro Chapter is one of eight chapters to be awarded this year.

For more information on this year’s Circle of Excellence Awards, visit here.

Arkansas SPJ awards Dean Duncan Scholarship

The Arkansas Pro Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists has awarded a $1,000 Dean Duncan Scholarship to Nathaly Moreno for the 2017-2018 academic year. The award honors the late, longtime journalism educator at the University of Central Arkansas.

Moreno is a junior at the University of Central Arkansas. A native of Honduras, she is majoring in digital filmmaking and minoring in journalism.

She worked as a writer for her high school newspaper, has worked as a writer and photographer for the UCA yearbook, and plans to work as a photographer for the The Echo, UCA’s student newspaper, during the 2017-18 academic year.

She enjoys collaborating with others and says she has helped and will continue helping classmates and friends with their film projects. 

Her goals include becoming a successful filmmaker, making documentaries and short films, while also working as a photojournalist. She would like to work on the staffs of Time and National Geographic magazines, or work as an independent photojournalist.

Coming from a third-world country,” she says, “I have seen various issues that affect the way people live and how a country develops. I would like to speak about those issues in an audiovisual manner. I also want to explore other countries’ cultures and depict those as well.” 

She is a student staff resident assistant at UCA’s Stadium Park Apartments. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, playing guitar and singing.